Toothpaste Color Codes, Meaning of Green Bar – Real or Hoax?

Does the color code on your toothpaste really mean anything or it’s just a hoax? Different people and articles online have attempted to explain the meaning of these codes found not only on toothpaste but also on other products but how real are these claims?

Toothpaste color code meaning

What is the real meaning of the color code? The tiny symbol on the sealed end of the tube often comes in blue green red or black. Some say the color codes represent the chemical content inside the toothpaste.

With using this theory,

  • Green color code means a completely natural toothpaste
  • Blue means the toothpaste is a combination of natural and medicinal ingredients
  • A red code means natural and chemical ingredients whereas
  • A black code means the toothpaste is made of all chemical

This is just a myth and it should be treated as such. The truth is, the colored squares are actually just a part of the manufacturing process. The colored codes are referred to as “eye marks”. It is called an eye mark because it can only be read by an electric eye.

The code contains hidden information that can only be read with by a light beam sensor. These codes can also be seen in other products to. The information in this codes tells machines where the packaging needs to be cut and folded.

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Toothpaste tube color code


But are toothpaste color code real? While this often seems a mystery to many people, most people tend to believe the rumors that the code on the toothpaste tubes represents a color code.Toothpaste color codes

There are numerous consumer tips online. While most of the myths have been debunked. Most people still believe that the color on toothpaste tubes really means something about the ingredients used in the toothpaste.

While some people might have different interpretations on the meaning of the color, a majority believe that a green code means that paste is all natural, black means it made of chemical, blue means a combination of natural and medicinal ingredients whereas red means a combination of chemical and natural ingredients.

Is it a hoax?

While the rumors and myth about the toothpaste color codes are persistent, they are not based on facts. Most myths about consumer products have been debunked in the past. As said, these colors do not in any way relate to what is in the toothpaste.

The codes are known as color marks or eye marks. In the manufacturing process, these codes are used to show where the package should be folded. In continuous processing, the marks help the high-speed machine spot the right interlocking packages as they speed through the machine.

The codes also contain information about the brand name, logo, and information on product ingredients to be put on the correct sides of the packaging

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The codes contain a special instruction that is can only be picked with light beam sensors.  Information about the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the toothpaste is clearly written on the packaging and on the tube of the toothpaste.

An easier way to debunk this myth is the simple fact that there are far more colors on the toothpaste tube that those primarily used on graphs and meme to show what each color means.

From the video, there is an arm that looks like a circular white arrowhead. It rotates the tube until a sensor can detect that the tube is in the right location. It is only then that the tubes are filled and properly sealed.

It is the information contained in the colored code that allows the machine to stamp, shut and seal each toothpaste tube exactly the same way for all of the tubes.


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