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Your smile is your first impression. It also plays a huge role in self-esteem. Unfortunately, only a few people have natural, perfect smiles. However, the fact that you don’t have a naturally beautiful smile doesn’t mean you can’t get it.

Currently, there are lots of treatments used for smile makeovers. You can easily find a cost-effective remedy to improve your smile, from installing veneers to teeth whitening to dental bridges. If you reside in Barrie and are looking forward to enhancing your smile, click here, click here to connect with professional dentists experienced in smile makeover treatments. In the meantime, here are some procedures that can help you achieve your desired smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is among the most common treatments to enhance one’s smile. This procedure can be done in a dentist’s office or at home. Teeth whitening treatments are even better because they can help you attain a sparkling smile within an hour. This treatment allows you to choose the ideal shade of white for a natural look.

If you choose to undergo teeth whitening at a dentist’s clinic. In that case, your dentist will insert a cheek retractor in your mouth to expose teeth that require whitening. Afterward, they’ll cover your gum using a rubber dam or hardening resin to protect you against irritation caused by the bleaching agent. Then, the dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent to your teeth and allow it to sit for several minutes.

After the bleaching gel has been on your teeth for the required time, it will be rinsed off or suctioned away before applying another layer, which will remain on the teeth for 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes, a dentist might need to focus intense light on the teeth to activate the bleaching agent. During the procedure, your dentist will examine your teeth occasionally to determine the results.

Regarding at-home teeth whitening, there are two major procedures you can use. The first procedure involves the use of baking soda when brushing the teeth. While brushing with baking soda doesn’t provide instant results, it does so in time. In addition to whitening your smile, baking soda is alkaline, which helps prevent bacteria from accumulating in your mouth.

The second at-home teeth whitening method involves the use of hydrogen peroxide. This natural bleaching agent whitens teeth while killing harmful bacteria in your mouth. The procedure requires you to use hydrogen peroxide mouthwash before brushing your teeth. Dentists advise using a mouthwash with 1.5% or 3% hydrogen peroxide to prevent irritation.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns and bridges are installed over teeth to restore their shape and size, as well as enhance their appearance. Dental crowns can be made from materials such as resin, ceramic, porcelain, or metal. Besides improving teeth appearance, dental crowns and bridges restore teeth strength and protect a damaged tooth or teeth.

It’s important to mention that dental crowns can’t replace your missing teeth alone. For this reason, they become a part of dental treatment referred to as dental bridges. Dental bridges are used to fill gaps left by missing teeth. Once the procedure is done correctly, the patient achieves a beautiful smile without gaps.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a common procedure when it comes to smile makeovers. They’re thin covers installed over the teeth to conceal imperfections like stains, gaps, cracks, and improper size. Porcelain veneers ensure you achieve your desired smile quickly, as this can be done in just two appointments.

During the porcelain veneer installation, your dentist will remove a portion of your enamel to create room for a perfect bite. While some patients shy away from this smile makeover procedure due to concerns about enamel removal, others who are determined to enhance their smile see it as a worthwhile sacrifice.

Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is one of the permanent solutions for a smile makeover. This treatment is used to replace single or several teeth permanently. The treatment involves installing metal posts inserted into your jawbone to support dental crowns or bridges—a successful dental implant treatment results in a natural-looking smile that lasts for many years.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a treatment used to repair broken or cracked teeth. This procedure allows the dentist to repair damaged teeth using composite resin. Your dentist will apply a resin that matches the color of your natural teeth, then shape and polish it to achieve a natural appearance.

This treatment is commonly used to repair damaged teeth and fill gaps and cavities.

Dental Aligners

If you have a crooked smile or a bad bite. In that case, your ideal smile makeover treatment will be dental aligners. These are colorless devices used to align your teeth and correct your bite. Dental aligners are invisible and removable; hence no one will notice them. Since you can remove the aligners, cleaning them and brushing your teeth becomes much easier.

Your dentist will require your teeth impressions to make perfect aligners. After wearing the trays for several weeks, you’ll notice the teeth have shifted, and your dentist will make new trays depending on your teeth’ alignment until you attain the required results.


In this day and age, no one should have to live with an imperfect smile. Many available treatments can help you attain the smile you’ve longed for so long. These treatments are cost-effective and provide long-lasting solutions. Some treatments can also be done at home. If you’re looking forward to enhancing your smile, consider one of the above treatments and begin living your dream.

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