Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: I don’t know if the Covid vaccine doesn’t change DNA or RNA! (VIDEO)

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The “anti-vaxxer” who violated his own Facebook policy, Mark Zuckerberg: I have some precautions because we do not know the long-term side effects. VIDEO

Project Veritas launched a fulminating video, made available by an expert (leaked basically) from inside Facebook . The video shows the contradictory position of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines.

A few days ago, one year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Facebook took the toughest position so far against what it claims to be “misinformation” about vaccines. The company has announced that it will ban posts related to immunization, masks or virus, and those that violate “community standards” will be blocked.

But let’s see what Zuckerberg said last summer, according to the recording published by Project Veritas.

In July 2020, Zuckerberg said he was concerned about the impact a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine could have on a person’s DNA. “But I just want to make sure that I share a certain precaution about this vaccine, because we don’t know the long-term side effects of DNA and RNA modification. Basically, the ability to produce those antibodies causes other mutations or other risks. So we are working on both ways of developing the vaccine, “said Zuckerberg.

A few months later, in November, Zuckerberg had a live public discussion with Dr. Anthony Fauci, contradicting his own statement.

“Just to clarify something, I understand that these vaccines do not change your DNA or RNA. So, this is just an important point to clarify, if I’m wrong here, of course, correct me, but only to clarify this … ”

Facebook announced last week that it is “expanding its efforts to remove false claims on Facebook and Instagram about COVID-19 vaccines or masks in general.” According to the new policy, Facebook says that any claim that the vaccine changes a person’s DNA will be removed.

The ban will not only apply to posts on the Covid-19 vaccine. For example, posts claiming that vaccines cause autism or that measles is not a deadly disease are no longer allowed on Facebook.

Does Facebook still support Zuckerberg’s vaccine concerns from last summer? It remains to be seen whether or not the company will now ban this video with Zuckerberg from its platforms on the grounds of “vaccine policy violation”

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