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Europeans can no longer be kept in their homes. In Dublin, people took to the streets for more freedom and clashed with police. And in Italy and the United Kingdom, people ignored any restrictions and filled parks and promenades to the brim.

More and more Europeans are refusing to abide by the rules after months of restrictions

Started peacefully, the demonstration against the quarantine in Dublin quickly degenerated into street fighting with law enforcement. Violence erupted as police tried to stop them from marching through the city. So the protesters attacked them with firecrackers and fireworks turned into projectiles. At least 20 protesters spent the night at the police station after being detained by police.

In Ireland, 2021 began with the strictest restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic, following the explosion of “cases”.  But people say they can no longer resist in their homes and they want to live in freedom.

In England, it was over 15 degrees Celsius, so people ignored the order to stay home. The cliffs and parks were crowded. The British walked and sat in the sun like in the good old days. The country has been in complete lockdown since the beginning of the year and residents are not allowed to leave their homes unless they have a good reason.

The Italians left the house before the new restrictions came into force

And in Milan, the warm weather took the Italians out into the streets, especially since tomorrow the restrictions will return. Traffic will be banned after 22.00 without good reason. So people took full advantage of the last weekend of freedom and gathered in the parks and promenades by the thousands. The Milanese remained in the open until late at night, when they gathered at a huge party in the city center.

And in Nice the weather was beautiful, only people are not allowed to leave their homes. The capital of the Cote d’Azur is in quarantine, so the beaches were guarded by police.

In France, the number of new coronavirus infections is growing rapidly again, and half of the new cases are caused by the British strain of coronavirus. So measures have been taken in 20 regions to keep infections under control.




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