China Makes COVID-19 Anal swabs Mandatory

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If you intend to travel to China any time soon, we have bad news for you. China has announced that anal swabs for detecting covid-19 are now mandatory for all foreigners arriving in the country.

According to the Chinese government, even if it sounds like a bad joke, anal swabs for a respiratory disease are actually more accurate compared to other screening methods. One may think that the Chinese government doesn’t want foreigners to enter China anymore, but we’re just speculating.

New testing hubs for anal swabs are already installed in China’s biggest international airports in Shanghai and Beijing. According to “experts”, anal swabs are superior to other methods because the covid-19 bug stays longer in fecal matter than in the throat or the nose.

The decision comes despite Japan urging China not to conduct such tests on its citizens when they enter the communist republic, arguing that the anal probes cause psychological trauma. However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin defended the procedure, saying it was “science-based” and that the tests were “in line with changes in the epidemiological situation and relevant laws and regulations”.

We are truly living in clown world folks.

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