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You’re the team’s athletic trainer and need a sports nurse practitioner to help you with your duties. You’ve done some research and found some candidates, but how do you know which one is the best choice? In this article, we’ll look at some criteria you can use when evaluating potential candidates for this critical role.

Understand What You Need

There are over 3.5 million sports-related injuries in the US each year, and you need to hire a sports nurse practitioner if you haven’t already. Before you begin employing a nurse practitioner for your sports team, you must understand precisely what you need. You’ll want to ensure that the candidate is qualified and can perform all required duties.

Once you’ve established how many hours per week or month, this person will work and their qualifications, you can start searching for someone with those credentials. You might look at LinkedIn or Indeed as resources for finding candidates who meet these requirements.

Clarify With the Department Of Nursing

If you are new to sports medicine, you must understand what the Department of Nursing does. The department of nursing is responsible for providing medical care to athletes. Their primary focus is on the prevention and treatment of injuries.

The sports medicine department differs from the nursing department in several ways. First, they have a different focus when treating an injury depending on its location (on or off the field). Second, each department has its own set of guidelines about how to treat certain types of injuries.

For example, if an athlete has suffered an injury during practice or competition, then they would go to their team physician, who will provide them with advice on how best to take care of themselves at home until they can see another doctor who specializes in treating acute trauma cases such as fractures, etc.

Check for Active Licenses

Be sure to check the license status of any candidate. A nurse practitioner who has been disciplined or is on probation may not be a good choice for your team. In addition, you should make sure that their license is active and in good standing for the state where you need them to work.

You’ll also want to ensure they have the proper licenses for the specialty you need them for, such as sports medicine or cardiology. If they do not have these licenses, consider hiring someone else.

Verify the Candidate’s Educational Background

One of the most important steps you can take is verifying the educational background of your candidate. The best way to do this is by checking their degree(s) and any additional certifications they may have earned.

It means looking at their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, if they have them, and ensuring that they hold a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP). If they don’t, ask them where their Doctorate was completed and whether or not it was online or on campus. It will give you an idea of how long it would take them to achieve such a program if hired by your team.

On top of verifying these degrees, check if they have completed any post-master’s DNP programs online. These programs are shorter than those offered in person but just as effective at preparing individuals for this work environment.

After these degrees, they must pass an exam by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) to get certified as Registered Athletic Trainers. They can also get Sports Medicine Nurse Practitioner (SMNP) certification from NATA.

Find Out If the Sports Nurse Practitioner is Board Certified or Not

Board certification is when a person or entity (such as an organization) certifies that an individual has met the standards for a given profession or trade. You can find out if a nurse practitioner is certified by checking with your state’s Board of Nursing and the National Board for Certification of Nurse Practitioners. 

When you hire any professional from another country, it’s essential to know if they are qualified, licensed professionals with experience in their field. It ensures that you will receive quality service from them and can protect yourself against legal issues later on if something goes wrong.

Verify Their Experience Level

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a sports nurse practitioner is their experience level. The Sports Nurse Practitioner must have at least three years of experience to qualify. If you’re looking for someone who has worked with many different types of teams, it’s best to find someone with around ten years of experience. It will assure you that they know what they are doing and how to handle any situation that may arise during practice or game time.

To get an idea of whether or not a candidate has enough experience, ask them how many teams they have worked with in the past and if any professional athletes were on those teams. If they can provide names, it will show that they have excellent connections within the industry, which can also help your team.

See If They Have Been Licensed Elsewhere Before

When checking out a sports nurse practitioner, ask them about their experience and how long they have been practicing. If you will be working with this person regularly, it’s essential to know if they are familiar with your sport or need more training before treating any of your players.                                                                              

If the person has been licensed elsewhere, ask for references from people who have previously worked with them. They should also be able to provide documentation showing that they are certified in their chosen area of expertise (e.g., treating concussions).

Ask for References and Contact Them

When you have narrowed your list of candidates to those with the qualifications and experience you need, it is time to ask for references.

You can call the references they have listed on their resume or job application. Ask them about their experience working with this person. If it was positive, ask what made them successful at their job and whether they would recommend them to a friend or colleague looking for a new employee.

If the candidate does not have any previous employers willing or able to give out the contact information of previous jobs (or if none exist), ask if other people in their professional network might be willing and able to speak on their behalf.


Whether you’re looking for a Physical Therapist, Sports Nurse Practitioner (SNP), or Athletic Trainer, these tips should help make the process easier. As you can see, there are several things to consider when hiring new staff for your sports team. But if you follow this advice and ask for references from people who have worked with the candidates in question, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone great.

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