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Hiring a professional in-home caregiver is very beneficial for your senior loved one. It’s a sure way to ensure that they remain safe, independent, and healthy. This way, you’ll have more time and peace at work knowing everything concerning your loved one has been addressed. However, if you’re considering hiring in-house senior care, you must make adequate preparations.

Here’s how to get ready for in-house senior care.

Discuss with your senior loved one

The first step in getting ready for in-house senior care is discussing this with your loved one. It will make them feel included, and you’ll be able to identify their concerns. Pinpoint the areas they need help and worries that the caregiver will be addressing.

Be positive and assure your loved one that caregiving is about maintaining their independence and health and not taking their freedom away. Also, involve them when interviewing the in-house senior care company or team. This way, you will hire the best Senior Care Bethesda MD nurse and make your loved one more comfortable.

Get everyone on the same page

Many people will be involved in providing care for your senior loved one. You’ll need to ensure that all the stakeholders and parties are on the same page during the process. You can start with consultations with the doctor and update your loved ones on the new care plan. You can also consult Capital City Nurses to avoid mistakes when hiring the right team. Don’t forget to involve your ageing loved one’s friends, family, and anyone directly involved in helping them.

Gather essential supplies, paperwork, and information

Ensure that your loved one has all the basics as you bring in the senior in-home caregiver. Such could include food, medications, supplies, house keys, contacts, and more. Also, acquaint the caregiver with everything they need when performing their duties.

Gather relevant information to assist in decisions and payments. You could use estate planning documents, attorney information, bank statement, or health care directives. Be sure to make wise financial decisions and choose the best care service. This is why you should research, learn more, and find a better one.

Prepare the home

Preparing your home is critical for safety and accessibility. Make sure the house is easy to navigate and accessible for your senior loved by clearing obstacles and hazards. Have a free space for the caregiver to keep their belongings and equipment. Lastly, take the caregiver on a home tour, showing them essential areas such as the senior’s bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, and more.

Deal with the first-day anxiety!

It will feel odd and anxious the first day you welcome the caregiver. With the best caregiver, everything will be seamless. Go over the caregivers’ responsibilities and expectations. Be with your senior loved one when meeting a relative “stranger” for the first time.


Caregiving for an aging adult can be stressful and exhausting. It requires you to balance work, caregiving and other family responsibilities, which can be challenging. That’s why hiring in-house senior care is the way to go. As you hire caregiver services, prepare your home and your loved one adequately, for this helps get the most out of the service.

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