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So many of us struggle with weight loss throughout their lives for a variety of different reasons. Approximately 40% of Americans are considered overweight. We have an understanding that healthy eating and exercise should lead to weight loss. So why do so many have difficulty losing weight and then keeping it off?

Why Do We Overeat

Reasons for overeating are complex in nature and more often than not, people don’t consciously understand why they overeat. Food may be associated with all sorts of feelings. As a child you may have been encouraged to eat your entire meal and not to be wasteful. Ice cream or cake may have been a reward for doing well in school or reinforcing a particular behavior. Unhealthy food choices may be associated with fond memories. Food may provide comfort at times when you are feeling depressed, lonely or dissatisfied with some aspects of your life. Sometimes weight gain stems from childhood abuse in which individuals hide behind their weight unconsciously.

How Can Hypnosis Facilitate Weight Loss?

Hypnosis is nothing like how it is depicted on television where you are made to do silly things you would never normally do. It is a very natural and highly relaxed state where you are more open to initiating change and facing underlying issues. Hypnosis is a different approach for weight loss because it explores the deep-rooted issues that trigger unhealthy eating habits. Many diets focus on what you need to do, simply a change in behavior. Hypnosis addresses what, why, and how so there is an integrated approach that deals with identifying your obstacles and overcoming the emotional part of why you overeat. Hypnosis accesses the subconscious which is where the root cause of overeating lies. Hypnosis uses different techniques like guided imagery, suggestions for change and various relaxation techniques.

The number of hypnosis sessions may vary from one person to the next however it typically is faster than weight loss alternatives. Some forms of therapy take years to determine and address deep rooted issues associated with weight problems.

Scientific Studies Support Hypnosis

A study going back to 1970 showed 93% success in utilizing hypnotherapy for weight loss instead of other forms of therapy. Participants in studies from the 1990s achieved double the weight loss in comparison to those undergoing cognitive therapy. More recent studies also support a greater level of success with hypnotherapy for weight loss including addressing body image issues, initiating healthier eating habits in comparison to behavioral therapy. The reason for its success is because it addresses issues that the individual may not be consciously aware of and are only accessed through hypnosis in the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy has a history of success with weight loss success going back over 50 years. More doctors are recommending hypnosis to patients. More therapists are incorporating hypnosis into their practice. It has become more popular as a healthy alternative to weight loss. There are hypnotists that specialize in hypnosis for weight loss which offer clients extensive experience in this area. It’s an option to consider for individuals that have struggled with their weight for years and are ready to make a lasting change.

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