Water Weight Loss: How Much to Drink to Lose Weight Fast (Week)

Will drinking water help me lose weight? Yes. There are many weight loss plans available and as you will notice, most of them will recommend that you drink more water while trying to lose weight.

Water, even when not losing weight is essential. According to research, there is a relationship between taking inadequate water and obesity. This is because hydration can be used as a strategy to prevent one from overeating. This helps promote healthy weight to individuals.

Drinking water and weight loss

Drinking water for weight loss

There are several benefits of drinking water while trying to lose weight.  They include:

  1. Water has no calories

Water is naturally calorie-free. It has no fats or cholesterol. If you are into counting calories for weight loss, then you can drink as much as you want without worrying about derailing your weight loss.

The good thing about water is that you can accompany it with different things to give it a different taste. You can infuse your water with vegetables and fruits like strawberries, lemon/ lime, melons, cucumbers, some citrus fruits, pineapples, apples and mint leaves. Just make sure the fruits are fresh before use.

  1. Drinking water between meals makes you full.

The next time hunger pangs hit before a meal, sip a glass of water. Wait for some time to see if you are really hungry or were just thirsty. This helps you not to snack.

  1. Keeps you hydrated

Your body remains healthy if you keep it hydrated. The body is made of half water and we lose it daily through metabolism, sweating and urinating. Not replacing the water you lose, makes the body dehydrated.

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Your muscles and bones require water for optimum performance. Not hydrating them will make this impossible. Your workout if done when dehydrated will not be as effective.

When the body is dehydrated, it retains all water it can access since it’s not sure if it will get more. This will make you gain weight. A steady supply of water to the body, makes it get rid of the excess.

  1. Aids metabolism

For efficiency, your metabolism needs water.

How does water help with weight loss?

If you are intent on losing weight, the following researched reasons will encourage you to add water to your diet.

  1. Drinking water helps you cut calories

If you are serious about losing weight, choose water over soda, coffee or sports drinks. This is because they make it harder to lose weight by adding more calories to your body.

Drinking more water reduces the number of calories you consume. This is according to research that found that those who drank an extra glass of water per day, consumed 68 fewers calories.

Those who drank 3 glasses of water in the study, consumed 205 fewer calories. They lost ½ a pound of weight every week.

Drinking water and adding fruits and vegetables high in water content to your diet, curbs cravings and keeps you hydrated.

  1. It helps reduce fatigue

Are you feeling too tired to workout, or get off your couch? This could be due to dehydration. A study published in the PLOS one found that increasing your water intake helps improve your mood and reduce fatigue. They also discovered that those who drank less water had headaches, fatigue, and low moods.

  1. It boosts metabolism
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Like we said earlier, one of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps boosts metabolism. To confirm this benefit is a study that found out that drinking more water helps you burn calories by boosting your metabolism.

  1. Metabolizes fat stores

Water helps metabolize stored fat in the body into energy. Dehydration will slow down the body’s metabolism and therefore make it harder for you to lose weight.

  1. It fuels workouts

If dehydrated, your workout will suffer since you tire faster. Water helps carry oxygen throughout the body and especially to the working muscles. Water will also moisten the lungs and ease breathing, lubricate your joints and help you maintain proper muscle tone

Amount of water to drink to lose weight fast

How much water should I drink to lose weight fast?

Well, although you can start seeing results in one week when dieting on mostly water, the exact amount to drink depends on your weight and body size. Other factors that affect that include your activity and also where you live.

If you are using water pills or diuretic laxatives, you may be at a risk of other health problems and complications.

According to dietician Jim White, RD, ACSM, drinking at least 8 glasses of 8-ounces should be enough to help you cut weight faster, but only for those with the goal of dropping just a few pounds.

While this is a recommended dose, it is, in most cases, a challenge to most people. Statistics by the CDC show that 7 percent of people don’t drink water at all in a day! It also reports that 43 percent of adults fail to drink more than 4 cups in a day.

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The recommendation here is that drink enough and not too much of it. Too much can also lead to water intoxication and result in seizures and brain swelling.

Cold or Hot Water for Weight Loss?

Water will work its magic at any temperature.

There is a myth that drinking hot water is better than cold. The myth’s premise is that when you drink hot water, your digestive system will have to cool the water down to your body temperature so that it can absorb it.

This then burns calories while boosting your metabolism. Drinking hot water will however not speed up your metabolism. The metabolic rate of the body is stable and is determined mostly by size, gender age and genetics.

The only way hot water will trump cold water in terms of weight loss is that hot water stays for longer in the stomach. Cold water gets absorbed faster which means hot water will make you feel fuller for longer. This can help when trying to avoid snacking.

Drink water, whether cold, hot or warm. This is because it will help you attain a weight that is healthy for your body.

It is true that drinking water will help you lose weight. It is also the simplest and easiest to stick to. It’s also free and easily available in your taps at home or at work. All you are required to do is turn on the tap and you are well on your way to losing some calories.





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