Best Eyebrow Growth Serum We Reviewed for Thicker Brows

Best eyebrow growth serum.

The eyebrows might not be an essential part of your grooming, but it does play a role in helping you look and feel great. Some people prefer shaving them, while others take the route of using tattoos to symbolize the perfect eyebrows.

However, many of us prefer the regular route of growing our brows, and once they thin out, we want to have them back.

Using an eyebrow growth serum is one of the best ways to go about ensuring that you are growing your brows to be full and thick.

Men might not be worried too much as natural testosterone does promote better hair growth. Females are the real benefactors of the top growth serums, enabling them to look lush and posh.

Finding an excellent growth serum is often hard, and many people turn to their local salon to help them in making the right decision.

However, we have done some legwork, helping you to make the best possible decision when it comes to choosing the right growth serum.

We have also added a list of the most important ingredients you should look for when finding a decent eyebrow serum.

8 Top Rated Serums for Your Eyebrows

There are many brands on the market today, and they all promise the same thing and to ensure that you get the best value for your money. However, this is not the case.

We have tested numerous brands to help us with selecting the best serums. Most of the selected products are also recommended by cosmetic experts:

1. RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

RevitaLash Cosmetics, RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

The RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner is the first product on our list, and it is also one of the most highly recommended options.

The conditioner has been clinically tested to help with the eyebrow growth of almost 90% of all users who have tested it. The big difference is the advanced peptides and revitalizing extracts that will boost the overall growth.

Biotin and green tea extracts are perfectly natural for your skin. Most users have not reported any irritation to the skin, and this makes it the ideal conditioner for those with sensitive skin.

According to the manufacturer, it should take around 8-weeks of daily use to ensure that your brows are looking fuller and thicker.

Since the product is cruelty-free and perfect for vegans, there should not need to be any worries when it comes to those with health or diet concerns.

As we have also mentioned, it has been reviewed by dermatologists, ensuring that you do get what you pay for to help improve your look for your next date.

Unfortunately, price is the biggest downside. It is one of the most expensive options on the market today. Also, it needs to be used often and for a long time for the best results. However, if you feel that you do need to use something to improve your overall look and feel, this will be one of the best products to help you do so.


  • Clinically tested by numerous dermatologists
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Vegan safe
  • Free from any allergens


  • Expensive

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2. Hairgenics Lavish Lash

Hairgenics is one of the leading brands on the market today. They have an excellent reputation for producing top quality products at an affordable price.

The Hairgenics Lavish Lash is a botanical serum made up of natural ingredients that enable your brows and even your lashes to grow much rapidly. It also makes them a little thicker.

Since top dermatologists have clinically tested it, the product is also free from any allergens that could cause you some trouble if you have sensitive skin.

It is free of animal cruelty, and the product has been manufactured in FDA-certified labs. It is worth noting that the manufacturer also recommends using the product for at least 8-weeks.

Most people only start to notice a difference after using the product for at least one month. This might not be ideal for some users looking for fast results.

However, you should keep in mind that the product does react differently to everybody, which means that some people might even see results a little sooner.

In terms of the price, the product is affordable. If you are looking for something relatively cheap and capable of giving you decent results, this will be one of the top products to consider.

We would not only recommend it to women, but many men have also been able to get great results.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Dermatologist tested
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Proven excellent results


  • Some people feel it takes too long to work

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3. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Reviving thinning eyebrows are really easy with the RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum.

It also relies heavily on peptides and botanical ingredients to ensure that your eyebrows are looking great once again. Hyaluronic acid is also one of the main ingredients, and this serves as a moisturizer to ensure that your eyebrows are effectively growing.

Much like many of the other effective serums, this product also needs to be applied for at least 8 weeks for you to see effective results. The manufacturer also states that it must be applied twice daily.

This product is not only designed for helping your eyebrows grow, but many people have also been using it as a method of enhancing their eyelashes.

While this product does exactly what it should and easily helps you keep your eyebrows in peak condition, the real downside is when you stop using it.

Unfortunately, it needs to be used constantly for effective results. This could be a little costly for many people, as this is not the quick fix that you expect it to be.

Fortunately, it is not really all that expensive. This makes it possible to save a couple of bucks as well. It also works exactly as it should if it is used correctly, and during our tests, we could not find any harmful allergens.

No users experienced any side effects or even allergic reactions to their skin, including those with sensitive skin.


  • Works as expected
  • Free of allergens
  • Reasonably priced
  • Multifunctional


  • Must be used continuously

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4. ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum

While the ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum is mostly recommended for eyelashes, it is also designed for your brows. It might not be marketed for brows, but still works perfectly for them.

Using a non-irritating formula, the product stimulates the hairline with peptides. This enables faster growth and makes the brows thicker as well.

Swiss apple stem cells are a unique ingredient, and this ingredient not only promotes the growth of the hair, but it also helps to promote a better-looking hair.

If you have problems with hair thinning or being unhealthy, this product will definitely ensure that you are on track. In terms of eyelashes, it will help lengthen them as well.

One of the downsides to the product is that it is mostly marketed and directed towards females.

Talking to many men, they do not like the product for eyelash marketing, but many also believe that it can help them if they are struggling with the thinning of eyebrows. Nevertheless, we believe it works effectively for everyone.

With such an affordable price, it should be no surprise that many women love the product. ArtNaturals is also an extremely reputable brand, which means that people generally trust the brand. If you have problems with the thinning of eyebrows and you need to have your lashes lengthened, this is one of the top products to choose from.


  • Highly reputable brand
  • Really affordable
  • Promotes faster growth
  • Versatile


  • Mostly marketed to women

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5. Golden Reason Premium Eyebrow Growth Serum

Next, we have the Golden Reason Premium Eyebrow Growth Serum, rated as amongst the top eyebrow growth serums on the market today.

All of the ingredients used in this product are natural. While it might take somewhat longer to work effectively, once it does, you will start noticing a couple of differences.

The application process is one of the simplest, and all of the tools are included and the kit. Since it is also oil-based and contains many antibacterial properties, the product is really effective when it comes to keeping your face clean as well.

None of these ingredients includes any allergens, making it really effective for those with sensitive skin.

With only three applicators, one might need to buy new ones once these have been overused. Since you will be applying the product quite often, it should be a safe bet to add your very own applicators. However, the product does not have much in terms of downsides, and it has been developed in the US by trained dermatologists.

It might be a little more expensive compared to the majority of the products. However, we would recommend it for the quality results that it offers. If you are looking to improve your overall look as a male or female, this is a great product. We highly recommend it for the price and the natural ingredients.


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Reasonably priced
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Includes antibacterial properties


  • A limited number of applicators included

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6. Advanced Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

DermaCore is not only a widely recognized cosmetic brand, but they stand behind most of their products with a decent guarantee.

The Advanced Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum from DermaCore is a vitamin-enriched serum that can easily be applied to your brows when you feel the need to add some thickness.

Once again, all of the ingredients are completely natural, and this means once again that even people with sensitive skin should be able to use this product easily.

Doing tests, we have found that many people see stronger and full brows with females also using the product to lengthen and strengthen their eyelashes.

Since the product is relatively new, the only real concern we have is that not too many tests have been done, and there is not much feedback available.

However, we could not find any real complaints from any users, and some also state that the product allows them to maintain the thickness and fullness of their brows when they are not using it anymore.

It has been reasonably priced for the middle-class user, and you should start noticing some results within two weeks of using the product.

However, most people have only seen the best results when they are using it for more than 30 days. If you are willing to take a risk and try this product, we would highly recommend it as a top newcomer.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple and effective
  • Easy to apply with natural ingredients
  • No real cons


  • Limited testing has been done

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7. Organys Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil is not often mentioned by many of these cosmetic brands, and it does have properties that stimulate the hair and enables it to grow effectively.

Organys Organic Castor Oil is one of the perfect growth serums. The product comes with a rich level of omega 3 and 6, helping your hair grow at a much faster rate.

The manufacturer also clearly states that the product does take some time to work. However, this can also be seen in the same way you would look at a natural remedy for growing hair.

Castor oil is also packed full of antibacterial properties, which allows the product to keep your face clean and help avoid the possibility of bacteria building up.

The only real downside is that the product does take some time. This is not one of those miracle products that will work overnight.

Some people might also have a few allergic reactions to the product, which means that you need to ensure you can use it. Since the retention of moisture is promoted, the product will definitely work.

Castor oil is one of the cheapest methods of growing your eyebrows. The product is also really versatile, and it can be used for more than simply hair growth.

If you have other problems like constipation, the product might also work. However, we do recommend that you consult with your medical doctor before using it.


  • Really cheap
  • Simple and easy to apply
  • Versatile for multiple uses
  • Promotes moisture retention


  • Takes quite long to work effectively

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8. GrowthTech Eyebrow Growth Enhancer Serum

GrowthTech is a brand that continually pushes the limits and specializes in designing products that are capable of helping your hair grow.

With biomimetic peptides used, the product is safe and speeds up the rate at which your hair will grow.

Many users report seeing excellent results within 4 to 6-weeks, making this one of the fastest working products for hair growth on the market today.

Anchoring proteins are one of the best additions, and they ensure that the hair does not fall out once they are growing. Eventually, this will lead to fuller-looking brows.

Additionally, an anti-aging lotion is also included in the serum. This protects the skin from potential damages that could happen from prolonged hours in the sun.

Once again, castor oil has been added to the mix, and while castor oil might not be perfect for everyone, it does have properties that enable you to grow your hair smoothly.

The product is effective for keeping the hair in place, but many people do have allergic reactions to castor oil, something you might need to check before buying it.

The price is around the same level you would expect to pay for something of this quality.

This means that the product is perfect for middle-class individuals, and it offers excellent value for the money. We would recommend it to any person having problems with thinning eyebrows or struggling to get them to grow efficiently.


  • Really affordable
  • Helps hair grow faster
  • Keeps hair from falling out
  • Works quite fast


  • Some might have allergic reactions to the product

Check price on Amazon

Is It Possible to Grow Your Eyebrows Thicker and Fuller?

Eyebrows work the same as any other type of hair that you have on your body. You will be able to grow them, and often they need to be trimmed.

Some of you might be lucky, and your eyebrows might grow out naturally to be thick and full. However, the rest of us need to deal with growth problems and inconsistencies from time to time.

Having a great serum will enable you to control the way your hair grows, and when you combine this with excellent grooming habits, you should be able to have full and thick brows in virtually no time at all.

To answer the question at hand, YES, it is definitely possible to grow your eyebrows to be fuller and thicker and also have complete control over the look.

Can These Products Be Used for Growing Eyelashes?

While men might not be as obsessed as women ware with their eyelashes, many women are wondering whether this product can be used for their eyelashes as well. Fortunately, the products are not only designed for those having troubles with their eyebrows, but it is also designed for enabling you to grow your eyelashes.

While these serums might be hard to apply to the eyelashes without causing a little bit of damage to your eyes, they are inevitably perfect for any area you have problems with growing hair.

For this reason, we believe most of these products are multifunctional, and they offer excellent value for the money. It is also worth keeping in mind that people have reportedly used this to help bald spots grow as well.

However, we won’t recommend this without some professional help to get you started.

Top Ingredients You Should Look for When Buying an Eyebrow Growth Serum

The eyebrow growth serum is actually not so complex, and most of the ingredients are natural. When looking for a new serum, you should always try to look for something that has organic or natural ingredients. Here are some of the common ingredients that should work for you when looking for one of these serums:

  • Castor oil: Castor oil is an effective oil for many things. The oil is generally used for helping hair grow, but it also aids in individuals having problems with constipation. Castor oil has been highly rated for the ability to not only deepen the eyebrows but also make them somewhat thicker when they have been thinning out.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil is not as widely used as castor oil. However, it is an organic ingredient, and this means that you can use it for hair growth. Olive oil is used in conjunction with coconut oil in many home remedies, enabling you to easily help speed up the rate at which your hair is growing.
  • Peptides: Peptides are used for a wide variety of reasons. They can be used for weight loss and growth of muscles. However, different peptides can also be used to speed up the growth of hair. Most of the top brands make use of peptides when it comes to hair growth products. Acetyl Tetrapeptide 3 is one of the best commonly used.
  • Conditioner: Having a conditioner will always be in your favor. A great conditioner means that you will be able to keep your hair in the best possible condition. This could also potentially help to make the brows look fuller and thicker.

While many other ingredients are also used from time to time, these are the most important ones to keep in mind.

The oils will be the real difference-makers, and they ensure that you are looking at your very best. It is also best to check if the product has been FDA tested, meaning that all the ingredients are safe.

Lastly, allergens are another thing to keep in mind. Since the product will be used on your face, you won’t have time to fix any damages that are done.

For this reason, it is best to find out which allergens you have. This will enable you to pick the best possible product without having to worry about any allergic reactions.

How to Make Your Very Own Eyebrow Growth Serum

For some people, using the cosmetic product is not on the cards, and this is why they choose to use something natural or to blend their ingredients.

If you want to make your own eyebrow growth serum, here are a couple of ingredients that you can mix and use for the best possible results:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Castor oil
  3. Vitamin E oil
  4. Olive oil

While all of these ingredients can be mixed and applied to your eyebrows, you should play around with the different combinations.

Some people have even used these ingredients mixed together and applied them overnight. However, the addition of coconut oil might not be such a great ideal.

Adding more vitamin E supplementation to your diet is also a great way to ensure that your brows can grow effectively.

While we do recommend these individual products, most manufacturers also add peptides that cannot be found. This is a great addition to ensure that you get the best possible results.

We would much rather recommend that you try a professional serum if you are to get the best results that can even be guaranteed.

Take Away

Improving your look is crucial in the modern-day, and the eyebrows are one of the first things that people notice when they see you help limit insecurities and perhaps even build some confidence.

We would highly recommend all of these products for any user, and they can be used for your eyelashes and your eyebrows.

We would like to thank you for reading this article, and we would also love to see a couple of comments on these products. Let us know in the comment section if we might have missed any of your favorite products.

We look forward to reading a couple of your insightful cosmetic tips and how you grow your eyebrows to make them fuller and thicker.

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