Sternum Piercing or Cleavage Piercing Pictures, Pain, Price, Healing and Aftercare

A sternum piercing is also called a cleavage piercing. These piercings are placed between breasts. How much do they cost? Do they hurt or are they painful? Here are pictures, the cost, healing time and aftercare info and tips to get you started.

What is a sternum surface piercing?

One of the most sought-after piercings, which is known as the sternum piercing is the piercing of the surface of the sternum, also called a breastbone. The breast bone is a long flat bone that lies in the middle of the chest. It is a rare type of surface piercing, and is usually referred to as the cleavage piercing.

Sternum piercing pain, cost, rejection, aftercare
Piercings between breasts
  • As the name clearly indicates, the type of piercing is usually performed at the level of the sternum, being also present as cleavage piercing.
  • The location of a sternum, it is important to point out, is the bone that is located at the center of the torso (also called the breastbone).

When the piercing is done, a starter jewelry is then placed at the exact level of the sternum. After the healing process is over, you may then return to the piercer, so as to change the jewelry. In the majority of the times, the jewelry that is used for the sternum piercing is either made from a stainless steel or even titanium.

These materials are usually preferred as they are very light and they have a reduced risk of an allergic reaction. Other alternatives are the gold studs as well as the diamonds. Choosing of a professional salon for this types of piercings is much recommended, otherwise the jewelry may end up being rejected by the body (being perceived as a foreign object).

Surface piercings

The sternum piercing is a part of the category that is also called surface piercing. This refers to a piercing that is normally located more on the superficial, with a surface bar being inserted at the level of the skin plane.

  • The healing process is very complicated when it comes to the types of piercings as it presents an increased risk for rejection.
  • The piercing is normally done vertically between the breasts in the upper area of the sternum.
  • A sternum piercing may be done by the males and females but it is more recommended to be done by the females as it gives them sexual appearance.

Sternum piercing can be able to give sexier look to the female but there are other risks that are associated with the process and the rejection occurs in such piercing too. One should always go to the professional and a reputable piercing shop so that it is done by the use of the sterilized instruments and the correct jewelry is used.

The best way to perform a sternum piercing is by use of the flexible rod or a surface bar. In case the piercing is done as required, one should be able to take care while moving and also sleeping so that the healing might take place fast and the chances of infection is then reduced. In most of the cases, the sternum piercing is very temporary.

Sternum piercings, also known as the cleavage piercings due to their location, is a highly volatile surface piercing. The sternum is the long, flat bone down the center of the torso that normally connects to the ribcage and also protects the vital organs.

A sternum piercing, however, is very specific in its location, which is the reason why it is also sometimes known as the cleavage piercing. It’s a vertical piercing that is right between the breasts, over the top section of the sternum that is referred to as the manubrium, or pre-sternum.

Cleavage piercings in males?

A male could get the piercing, but its attraction is known to bring attention to the female cleavage. A flat chest really wouldn’t showcase this piercing the way it could have been intended, as there would be very much empty space on either side of it; it would appear like a floating piercing on the chest that was placed with very little intention.

  • As attractive as it can be, this is a very high-risk piercing as far as the rejection rates go.
  • It needs to be pierced by someone who’s very much skilled in doing surface piercings, and it’s important that the correct jewelry be used.
  • A flexible rod or a surface bar are the best options, and titanium appears to be the most implant friendly metal if you’re getting a good surface bar.
  • After that, the way you move, sleep, and how you take care of the piercing will play a major role in how good of a chance the piercing has at its healing.

But even if you do everything very right, there’s a good chance that the cleavage piercing will be much temporary. If you need it for a special function, have it done about one week before the event.

You will have to choose the jewelry, if you do not take along one of your own choice. The actual piercing process starts after you choose the ornament.

Vertical and horizontal cleavage piercings

Sternum piercings with jewelry
Vertical piercings are the most common

You should mention which type of a piercing you want to go for – which is a vertical sternum piercing or even a horizontal sternum piercing. You have to indicate where you want to get the piercing to be done.

The piercer will then mark the entry as well as the exit points of the needle using a surgical pen and then clean the area using an antibacterial solution so as to prevent at a later stage.

  • Sternum Piercing is a surface piercing and normally does not consist of perforation of the flesh. The needle will then pass just over the flesh.
  • Once the needle comes out, the jewelry will then be inserted into the holes and then fixed.

The piercer will once more clean the area to get rid of any trace of blood. The skin region will then be washed once more to prevent any infection. The professional will thereafter provide you with an aftercare instructions and probably hand you over a brief manual that has all the necessary directions.

A Sternum Piercing is normally decorated using a surface bar, having two ninety degree bends. Two metal balls are then placed on both ends of the bar. Surface bars are found in different kinds of metals like the steel, niobium and the titanium. Titanium Surface Bars are normally recommended as they are less likely to give rise to various skin allergies.

Barbells are equally recommended for the Sternum Piercings. Teflon as well as tygon barbells are very much flexible and are normally used by many piercers.

Most of the women now obtain a cleavage piercing as something that is different to the norm.  It is taken by many to be one of the sexiest piercing and it has also become extremely popular in recent times.

It is placed in the middle of the chest, in between the cleavage, mostly in a vertical position.  It has become very much fashionable among the women and is thought of as very sensual as it accentuates a woman’s natural parts. Cleavage piercing has also been slowly gaining momentum and popularity with men also.

How a sternum cleavage piercing is done

Getting a sternum piercing should only take a few minutes and the amount of pain that is associated with the procedure will then vary depending on the individual. Special care is required to prevent any infection as well as rejection after the procedure is over.

The pierced area should then be cleaned and then disinfected on a daily basis and most experts will advise the people not to get rid of the jewelry for many weeks to allow enough time for a healing. Also, try to avoid bumping of the pierced area as this can lead to rejection even on a fully healed cleavage piercing.

If it is not done properly, piercing of the sternum may bring along some problems, including an infection and rejection. However, if it is performed by a professional and then cared for properly, a cleavage piercing will then look great for several years to come.

Like most new trends, cleavage piercing is one that is known as to as a surface piercing, in that it is held in by the same section of the skin.

  1. The rejection rate as well as the chance of migration is higher with the piercings compared to some of the other types.
  2. Keep in mind also the fact that the body’s immune system may automatically reject anything that doesn’t seem like it belongs there.
  3. An individual’s skin can sometimes have the same negative reaction to body jewelry that it would have to a splinter; it wants to get it out.

Taking the time to choose a professional studio that has a good knowledge of the procedure and which the jewelry to use may reduce this risk. On the whole however, cleavage piercing is very safe.

Cleavage piercing jewelry

The surface bars that is used in cleavage piercing are normally made of the titanium or even a stainless steel. They are same in shape to the staple and they go into and out of the pierced area at a 90-degree angle.

There isn’t a great deal of choice when it comes to jewelry for a cleavage piercing, but barbells used can be changed for colorful or stylish designs, depending on the persons own personal tastes.

As opposed to the traditional nose or tongue piercing, a surface piercing has both the entrance and exit holes that go through the flat area of skin such as the arm, leg or even the sternum.

Corset piercings are one popular type of surface piercing, and according, Most surface piercings fail, not that the surface piercings are not possible, but because of the fact that there are a lot of totally incompetent piercers out there that don’t understand how the body heals.

Most uneducated body piercers will most of the times try to do surface piercings using the straight or even the curved metal bars that are used in the regular piercings.

This almost always fails as the jewelry is very inflexible that it migrates around the skin as it is rejected by the body, resulting in extreme irritation as well as possible scarring. Because most corset piercings are normally intended for the play purposes only, they are normally removed after several hours or days.

If you’re very much interested in the permanent surface piercing, however, find a very reputable piercer who applies use of surface bars for a piercing. Surface bars are the staple-shaped jewelry that are created especially for the surface piercings as their design increases the body’s natural healing process.

They are also considered to be the only acceptable option for a surface piercings. Another, less recommended path is the flexible jewelry like the Tygon-based bars or even Teflon tubing. Although these types of the jewelry are made to move with the body and are even intended to decrease the pressure on the wound, they are not very reliable as surface bars.

If you are getting services from an inexperienced piercer, the surface piercing will almost always run the risk of surface piercing infection or rejection. Starting with the outside and working its way in, surface piercing rejection is a result of the body trying to push out a foreign object.

Micro dermal sternum piercing pain

Cleavage piercing pain - inflammation
These piercings are painful

Sternum Piercing pain is very much like any other kind of body piercing. Any and all other kinds of body piercing consists of perforation of the skin surface and the underlying tissues in some other cases. This normally involves perforating of the blood capillaries which leads to a little bleeding.

  • Naturally, any body piercing is very painful though the amount of pain normally depends on the region of perforation.
  • It ultimately depends on how much pain a person can bear.
  • Some people have higher pain tolerance than others. You may go for a sternum piercing if the pain threshold is high. Sternum chest piercing consists of a fair amount of pain.
  • Given the fact that the area of the sternum is very sensitive and much vascularized, the sternum piercing is one of the most painful types of piercings you may encounter.

This is of course one of the main reasons to consider whether the piercing is worth it or not, no matter how cool or even fashionable it may appear. The area of the piercing will also be very tender or much painful to the touch for the next couple of weeks, until the actual healing process is over.

Pictures of cleavage piercing

Pictures of cleavage piercings
Picture 1
Picture ideas of chest piercings
picture 2

Cleavage or sternum piercing healing time and aftercare

With good care and cleaning, a pierced sternum can heal completely in about four to six weeks. However, the infections or other complications like the rejection or migration might delay the healing process.

Saline washes

Sternum piercing aftercare normally consists of saline washes and also avoiding injury to the region.

  1. Make a saline solution with a tablespoon of sea salt and 8 ounces of water.
  2. Take away the jewelry from the pierced area.
  3. Soak a cotton ball using a small amount of the solution and press against the pierced region for about 10 seconds.
  4. Throw it away and then repeat the process using a fresh cotton pad.
  5. Continue this for 5-6 minutes.

The salt water sternum piercing care session should be carried out at least thrice every day. This should last for a month and a half after the piercing.

Avoid trauma to the chest piercing

Try avoiding any activity that can injure the pierced spot. Do not tug the jewelry or even play with it. This may also injure the area and then give rise to complications like rejection, migration or infection.

Get a professional piercing

If you want to obtain a sternum piercing, get it done very safely from the reputed professional studio. There are lots of amateur people who come cheaper.

But is preferable that you opt for a professional services. A few bucks more means a lot where the safety is concerned. A properly done piercing can let you enjoy the process and also leave you with less pain and a smiling face.

Cleavage piercing rejection

Infected or rejected sternum or cleavage piercing
Infected or rejected sternum or cleavage piercing

In case of an improper cleavage chest piercing, the skin can reject the piercing and then push out the jewelry. In sternum piercing rejection rate is too high. Carrying out a sternum piercing in an improper way normally leads to rejection.

Most of the people have the bad habit of trying to tug or playing with the jewelries after piercing. This injures the just perforated skin region and makes the body push out the jewelry.

  • Rejection can also occur if the metal used in the jewelry is found to be incompatible with your skin.

There are some steps you can take to reduce the chances of rejection. For instance, placing a surface piercing on a part of the body that normally comes in contact with the bra straps, waistbands or even belts will practically ensure there is failure due to constant impact and rubbing.

Try to avoid getting a surface piercing on the hands, forearms, or stomach. Keep piercings under two inches long so as to allow for good drainage, and then place it on the area that do not have a lot of motion. Doctors recommends drawing a line on the skin where you need the piercing to go and then moving the area as much as possible.

If the line stays very straight no matter how much you contort the skin, then it’s a perfect location for a surface piercing. Piercing on the areas where the skin is very tight is another bad idea as this puts excessive pressure on the piercing.

Injuries are also possibilities when you have a sternum piercing. On most of the occasions, you will find that the piercings under cover in the form of the clothing. When removing the clothes, if caution is not used, you could easily tear off the piercing and thus hurting the body.

A tear on this piercing could send one screaming especially when the jewelry was pulled out fast while the wound is not very much healed. Proper caution is required to be exercised when dressing up and when also removing off clothes. The same applies to all the functions that might lead to the pulling out of the piercing therefore avoiding injuries.

Infections in sternum piercing can happen just like in any other form of piercing. The infections in this piercing can happen if the wound is not taken care of during the healing period. Infections can be brought about by bacteria or germs. Failure to clean the wound well or even letting dirt reach the wound can ultimately lead to an infection.

Keeping these away implies covering the wound when in situations that might let dirt and germs reach the wound. It also implies cleaning the wound daily with the anti-bacterial wash as recommended by the piercer or doctor. In cases where you have been given an okay to use homemade saline solution to clean the wound, you may make a fresh amount every other day and use it for cleaning of the wound.

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