Pimple on eyelid

Eyelid Pimple Cyst on Rim, Inside or Under, Causes and Treatment

What causes a pimple on eyelid? Can a white pimple or lump on the eyelid be a stye? Here are

Fordyce spots on lower and upper lips

How to Get Rid of Small Fordyce Spots on Lips, Treatment, Natural Cures

Fordyce spots on lips appear as small white bumps on lips, mostly on the upper lip. The granules are often

Swollen nose causes and treatment

Swollen Nose on Tip, Inside, Causes and Treatment, Remedies

A swollen nose is a very disturbing occurrence that may mean different things for various patients.

Milk blister on baby lip

Milk Blister on Nipple or Areola Milk Bleb Causes, Treatment when Breastfeeding

Did you know that poor breastfeeding techniques can cause a milk blister? Here’s more insight and how to treat and

Infected Pore on Nose

Infected Pore on Face, Nose, Face Treatment and Symptoms

What are the infected pore symptoms and treatment? Discover the symptoms of pore infection on face, leg, nose, breast, back

Sore eyeball to touch

Sore Eyeball to Touch, Pain, Feels Bruised, Headache

Sore eyeballs can be disturbing. This post will act as a guide to help you learn what causes sore eyeballs

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