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How to Style Your Lab Coat Like A Pro

Medical professionals wear white lab coats to show professionalism, experience, and stature. Many people dismiss a lab coat as just one of the uniform items that healthcare professionals wear, but it’s important to note what it actually contains. Provided that, how you style your lab coat with regard to what you wear with or beneath it is equally important and can have a significant impact on your overall comfort, individuality, and professional appearance.

To that end, selecting the right lab coat should take style, need, and appearance into account. Though, first and foremost, it’s about safety and functionality. Considering that, as a healthcare provider, you’ll see different patients and carry out different activities on a daily basis. Thus, while looking good and feeling good are crucial components in the workplace, safety and functionality continue to take precedence over aesthetics.

Having said that, this article will discuss the different types of clothing options for what to wear underneath your lab coat, fabrics, and accessories that best compliment you while maintaining a certain level of security at the workplace. So, where to begin? To start us off, we will go on to discuss the importance of what to wear under and with your lab coat to impress your coworkers and patients. Please read on for more information on how to perfectly style your lab coat below.

What to Wear Under Your Lab Coat

One of the most critical components to figuring out how to perfectly style your lab coat is figuring out what to wear underneath. Provided that, what you choose to wear underneath your lab coat can have a significant impact on your overall appearance and comfortability.

That being said, what you can wear beneath your lab coat varies depending on where you work. Some institutions, for instance, allow you to wear whatever you like under a lab coat, whilst others remain stringent and simply necessitate the use of scrubs. Thankfully, in this case, the experts at Head To Toe Uniforms have a great selection of high-quality medical uniforms and scrubs for you to choose from.

To that end, if you work in cold environments, you may mix your lab coats with scrub jackets to be warm and comfy. Likewise, in warmer climates, a light scrub or shirt will suffice. Alternatively, if you are permitted to wear ordinary clothing under your lab coat, ensure that you dress professionally. This can be accomplished by choosing modest blouses that are comfy and relaxed. Likewise, wearing ankle boots with fitted jeans will get you set for the day.

Bottom Line: What you wear with or underneath your lab coat is critical because it provides you confidence to perform at your best. Make sure to equip your wardrobe with well-fitting medical clothing that will give you a professional and outstanding appearance.

Fabric Selection

Having said that, fabric selection is also critical in these situations. Aside from the fact that some materials fit better than others, it is important to consider if such a piece would add unnecessary bulk under the lab coat. Shirts and sweaters with several layers or ruffles and pleats, in addition to being unflattering, can restrict mobility. Thus, cotton without spandex, cool knit, silk, and other materials are among those that best suit the appearance of the jackets.

Essentially, when it comes to what to wear underneath your lab coat, the more conservative, the better. This has nothing to do with your own style or fashion beliefs and everything to do with lowering the amount of exposed surface area on your body. Seeing as, when it comes to perfectly styling your lab coat, it has everything to do with safety and functionality. With that in mind, long pants are the most secure option, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Denim is trendier than ever in clinics, labs, and hospitals, and khakis and slacks are always good choices for a professional and safe appearance.

What to Wear with Your Lab Coat

Your lab coat is the most important item of your medical uniform. However, this should not be the sole factor that sets you apart from other medical professionals. You may, for example, personalize your lab coats with embroidery. This will not only boost your professionalism at work, but it will also make it simpler to spot your lab coats among the crowd. Similarly, to make it stand out, you might add a personal touch with stock embroidery, such as a stethoscope.

Bottom Line: It is entirely up to you how you adorn your lab coats, as long as it does not compromise your professional appearance. Additionally, when putting together lab coat-friendly attire, accessories in general should not be thrown out, but they should be confined to non-dangling items that can be kept under control and out of unforeseen areas.


If your employer permits it, medical professionals can also invest in name tags, watches, and badges to further style their lab coats. Jewelry, ties, and other accessories are perhaps the fastest and easiest ways to add a little personal flair to a professional uniform. To that end, throwing on a necklace or a bracelet sounds like a reasonably fuss-free approach to adding a little to your outfit, especially if lab coats are work or lab-issued and hence identical co-worker-to-co-worker!

In general, jewelry and ties are excellent ways to make otherwise drab or standard attire appear more vivacious and personalized. Though, in this case, you must consider the accessory’s capacity to hinder your overall work performance. For instance, if the ornament dangles, it might fall into a solution or onto the face of a patient. It may even impair essential hand-eye coordination, reducing accuracy and precision. Thus, as a general rule of thumb, to appear trendy yet professional, make sure that you use discreet accessories rather than flashy, large accessory options.

Style Your Lab Coat Like A Pro with Head To Toe Uniforms

As a medical professional, you will have come to recognize that a lab coat represents honor, commitment, and responsibility. In fact, you may have noticed that when you wear a lab coat, people treat you with more respect, seeing as, generally, medicine can be signified as a noble profession. To that end, the way you style your lab coat can have a significant impact on how staff and patients perceive you.

Thus, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of how to perfectly style every aspect of your medical uniform, specifically your lab coat. It is provided that, in order to maintain a certain level of functionality, comfortability, and professionalism in the workplace, your lab coat should both represent you as a medical professional and you as an individual. With that in mind, it is our hope that after reading our article, “The Ultimate Guide to Lab Coat Fashion,” you will have a greater understanding of what to wear underneath and with your lab coat, along with the importance of properly styling your lab coat. For further assistance or styling advice, contact the uniform experts at Head To Toe Uniforms today!

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