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Mugshots provide a physical portrayal of offenders; during the booking process, a suspect will be taken into custody, where the arresting authority will document the suspect’s personal details, and take his/her mugshots. In the United States, the general public is allowed to access and view certain personal records, including mugshots (under the Freedom of Information Act). If you need to perform a mugshot search, there are several ways to do so. The following guide will teach you how to find jail mugshots, and discover if people in your life have a criminal past.

The BOP website contains data about criminal records, all the way from 1982. With this website, you can find out where a person is incarcerated, and perform a jail mugshot’ search online. To find jail mugshots with, you will need details about the individual. You can use one of the following details to perform the search:

  • DCDC number
  • BOP register
  • FBI number
  • INS number
  • Inmate name, inmate age, and inmate gender

 Once you enter an identifying detail about the person in question, the system will track their criminal data – including mugshots.

Department of corrections

Most states in the USA keep an online database of people who have been incarcerated and people who are in the penal system. So, you can find jail mugshots in a state database of criminal records. To do so, you need to first go on a state Department of Corrections page. It is best to perform a jail mugshot search on the website of the state in which the person was arrested.

Go to a search engine, like Google, and type in the name of the state + the term “Department of Corrections”. Click the official website. Then, go to the page that provides access to penal records. This type of search page will usually be under the title “inmate search”, or “offender search”.

Once you are on the penal search page, you will be asked to provide an identifying detail about the person that you are looking for (i.e., first name, last name, inmate number, etc.). Once you provide such details, the directory will search for jail mugshots of the said individual.

Public records search website

Another way to find jail mugshots online is to use a public records search service, like GoLookUp. This particular website provides licensed and approved access to public records in every state in the US. With the mugshot search service, you will need to provide GoLookUp with the first name, last name, and the state of residence of the said individual.

Once you do so, the system will begin to scan billions of public records, and it will aggregate relevant data into a report. You will receive the report in an online, downloadable version. The report will include all the criminal data that is connected to the mugshot: arrest date, arresting authority, the supposed crime, criminal proceedings, personal data of the person, aliases, and more.

If you cannot find what you are looking for with a name-based search, GoLookUp provides additional services to help you find jail mugshots:

  • Reverse phone number search
  • Reverse address search
  • Reverse email search

If you have one of these details, you will be able to get access to mugshots online.

Why should I find jail mugshots?

The main purpose of providing access to public records is to help keep the public safe. Transparency is a vital part of the Freedom of Information Act, so you can get access to your own criminal records, or the criminal records of other people. Why should you find jail mugshots online? There are many reasons why people commit this type of search: if you want to discover if someone has e violent criminal past, you can perform a mugshot search. A mugshot search can also reveal if people are registered sex offenders. 

This is especially important for families with children; as of today, there are nearly 1 million registered sex offenders in the United States. A jail mugshot search will let you know if people that you know have a sexual, criminal past.

People also find jail mugshots when money is involved; if someone offers a business deal, or asks you to invest money somewhere, you should find out if they may have a criminal past. Performing an online mugshot search will reveal if people that you are considering getting into business with have a fraudulent past.

So, a jail mugshot search will reveal the truth about people’s past and will help you discover if certain individuals are dishonest with you.

In conclusion

Finding jail mugshots can reveal a great deal of data about people’s criminal past. It is not necessarily a reflection of what they are in the present, but it can help you know more about the people in your life. If you want to find jail mugshots, you can easily do so online, and discover valuable data within minutes.

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