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If you decide to bury your deceased loved one, you need a headstone for their grave. The headstone may contain touching words, detailed images, or symbols to honor your loved one. However, choosing a headstone is not the easiest task. You must consider the design, style, material, size, shape, etc. 

It’s crucial to choose a grave memorial that captures the characteristics of the deceased, but you should also consider one that will last long. Price is another crucial factor, and it depends on the size and design, the material chosen, and whether an inscription or accessories are included. Here is what you need to know when selecting the ideal headstone.

Cemetery standards

Read over the cemetery’s policies in detail before purchasing a headstone. The types of monuments permitted on the grounds of many cemeteries are subject to certain limitations. For instance, memorial parks frequently demand flat grave markers to preserve a consistent appearance. For upkeep purposes, some cemeteries only permit granite or bronze headstones. Don’t buy a headstone without knowing the cemetery’s headstone policies; otherwise, you risk getting a useless grave marker.


Customization is expected when selecting a headstone design, and many features are adaptable to suit your preferences. There are different sizes and shapes of Legacy headstones. Take a stroll through the cemeteries and gravesites in your neighborhood to get a better sense of the various types if you’re unsure of what kind of burial marker to select. Additionally, you can take images of your favorite grave markers to show a monument builder or to aid in your web search for the ideal style.


Some common materials for headstones are granite, bronze, marble, and slate. Granite and bronze are frequently the top choices due to their longevity and low maintenance requirements. Granite is particularly well-liked since it is natural and available in various hues, including red, green, and blue, but the stone’s grade influences its durability and tenacity.

With its naturally distinctive stone patterns and lovely white or grey hue, marble has become a desirable choice for headstones. But marble is a fragile stone that erodes from wind and water over time. Consequently, marble headstones require constant upkeep. Slate is smooth on the outside and simple to cut, but it may not last long.


The name, birth date, and death date of the deceased are usually written on a headstone. These are personalized in honor of the departed person (some epitaphs include poems, scripture verses, or direct quotes). A headstone can be laser- or hand-etched with engraved symbols and images.

Remember the space allowed on the headstone when adding gravestone symbolism, portraiture, or writing to ensure the complete design fits. A lengthy epitaph may be expensive because most engravers bill by the letter.


A headstone or grave marker can be personalized by adding a variety of decorations like flower pots, flag holders, wreath holders, picture frames, and even solar-powered lighting. 


There are many ways to honor your deceased loved one, and choosing a perfect headstone is one of them.

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