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Plenty of people who have reaped the benefits of crystal healing have experienced a more profound sense of wellness. Crystal healing is believed to affect a person’s well-being and health through vibration and mindset.

Crystal healing isn’t a new-age healing method. Healing stones have been used in healing since the dawn of man, and it has been known to flush out our chakras, clear our aura blockages, remove bad habits, and encourage our body and mind to be strong.

If you’re looking to welcome a flow of good aura and energy while promoting a healthier and harmonious living, here are eight crystals that you can start with to grow your capacity and stand strong in health:


Moonstones have a pearly glow and are famous for their feminine energy, inviting healing inside and out. It’s also a protective talisman often kept inside a person’s pocket. They help promote better sleep and hormonal balance and help regular monthly cycles.

When to use it: Moonstones are ideal for people battling PMS or fertility issues. This stone radiates feminine energy, helping to heal the womb and bring you emotional balance.


This beautiful green healing crystal shines with mineral magic. Glorious and spectacular, aventurine helps to soothe the soul, heal the heart, and welcome wealth. It is ideal for balancing blood pressure and fighting inflammation. This glimmering green gem is also helpful to soothe flaming breakouts, skin rashes, and allergies.

When to use it: If you feel like your nervous and immune system is going into overdrive, having one of these crystals by your bedside can help to calm and soothe your body while you sleep. Aventurine also helps to keep your head cool and clear.


Like its name, Citrine is a burst of yellow and golden sunshine. It is a crystal known to ooze warmth, light, and positive connections to boost brighter thinking. It’s the perfect stone to have around your house when the days get shorter, as it’s an instant dose of vitamin D. Citrine is a beautiful mood lifter. Where health benefits are concerned, Citrine helps with thyroid health and provides the body with an energy boost, and if you feel down, Citrine gives you a positive outlook.

When to use it: Citrine is the perfect stone to keep in places where you’ll need focus and positive energy, such as your workstation or study table. It’s ideal for bringing focus and a positive mindset. If you have a mood board, place Citrine crystals here to manifest success in your life.

Rose quartz

This soft, pale pink stone is as sweet and soothing as it looks. Like a pink cloud of pillowy softness, rose quartz is a favorite for gua sha and roller stones. It’s also known as the compassionate stone, helping you to keep your emotional health in a harmonious and holistic check. With rose quartz near you, it will feel like a gentle hand helping you overcome your emotional scars and hardships. Rose quartz helps open up your heart chakra and reduce anxiety levels.

When to use it: If you ever need a physical pick me up after a relationship break, rose quartz is the answer. It will help your rise and bring you to a place of love and trust, first with yourself and then with everything around you. It’ll also help reduce criticizing yourself and obsessive perfectionist behavior, and it also helps to bring self-compassion and care to yourself.

Lapis Lazuli

A mystical and shimmering blue stone, lapis lazuli is a stone used as part of ancient healing. It’s also known as a regal stone related to royalty and wealth. Therefore it oozes majesty, magic, and mystery. This is the stone to have if you want to flush out toxic vibes. It’s also known to reduce blood pressure, headaches, and migraines. If you have issues with your thyroid and throat, this is the stone you want if you want to sing out clearly and loudly.

When to use it: This splendidly blue lapis lazuli stone will help bring focus and clarity to your voice. It will also bring you to the heart center, physically and spiritually. With lapis by your side, you can use it to achieve a more profound meditation and find stillness amidst the chaos.


Amethyst is another famous stone known for its deep purple and lavender shimmer and its healing attributes. It brings a calming presence to the wearer, like a natural tranquilizer, and it is known to remove bad energy and clear your headspace. Amethyst is a suitable stone to help strengthen your crown chakra and bring you a much-needed dose of spirituality and higher thinking.

When to use it: The best way to use amethyst is to use it as a necklace. Whenever you feel stressed, hold the stone to overcome any stress and headaches you feel coming your way. You can also place it under your pillow for a more restful sleep.


Au contraire, to its name, is a mix of dark green with red speckles. This stone is meant to bring health and strength. Often used as an amulet on battlefields, for the modern-day user, bloodstone can help relieve staunch wounds and invigorate you from exhaustion. It also helps to purify the blood and is used as a tonic against flu and cough.

When to use it: It’s a great stone to keep whenever you feel fatigued. If you are on the edge of burnout, bloodstone has energy-boosting powers. It can also help someone healing from injury to be on the speedier road to recovery.


Blood orange all around, this stone represents all the shades of the setting sun. It’s the perfect stone to have as a reminder to let things go as the sun goes down, with the rise of a positive promise of a new beginning. Both fiery and warm, carnelian helps to stir up a dormant libido and to stimulate your muscles.

When to use it: Perfect to give you a big burst of energy, carnelian gives you a bright shot of vitality. This is especially helpful if you are struggling to overcome an addiction such as drug or alcohol dependency.

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